The Road to building a life as an Artpreneur is Challenging.

"Remember, you are not just creating a business, you are creating a life.  You have to choose what to add and what to leave out."

Welcome to Launch Your Creative Life.  Here I write and share resources about developing art, sharing your art and building a creative lifestyle- about going from artist to artpreneur.Bloom Bright

Melissa AuClairHi, I'm Melissa. Content Writer. Author. Blogger. Artpreneur.

I want to help creatives develop an income stream from their art.  Check out more of my story here.

I write books and create art to encourage, inspire and teach people how to create a life they want; a life that reflects their values, gifts and passion.

It's about building a creative life.

It is possible; in fact we live in an era where being an artpreneur can pay the bills, allow artists to grow their skills, even change a little bit of the world.

But the steps are more simple and the cost is significantly less than it has been in the past.  The world is louder so we have to listen more, observe more and talk a little less.

Sounds interesting?

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Learn to stretch your wings and soar as an artpreneur.  Stay inspired.  Stay smart. Build a beautiful life.

It starts with one.

One idea, one step of action, one inspiration, one baby step at a time to move you closer to your goals.

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